Bridge To JIRA - paginated tables

It may happen that there are lots of JIRA issues that match the filter you set in order to display them as a table. In that case retrieving and displaying all issues can take a long time and it doesn't offer a good end-user experience.

A new feature in the Bridge To JIRA plugin allows you to paginate the rendered table by just giving two simple arguments to the [btj-table]] short-code:

  • rowsperpage specifies a maximum of number of lines that a table can have in a single page;
  • id specifies an arbitrary unique id for this table ideally into the whole WordPress blog.

Both these arguments are mandatory.

If the whole table has more lines than rowsperpage a familiar page index will appear under the table allowing one to quickly go to the needed page.


As before let's show all the issues in a particular project named DBTJ in our mock JIRA instance and let's only have 2 per page.

[[btj-table fields="summary,assignee,status" rowsperpage=2 id="demonstrate-pagination"]project = DBTJ[/btj-table]

The table below is live and contains data coming directly from our JIRA instance.

Talk to team T1 Jane DoeIn Progress
Define product requirements Jane DoeIn Progress

If you're interested in finding out more get in touch with us for a trial version and/or a demo at:

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